About Us

    Hello Welcome to the of fitnesss in lif. On this blog you will find high quality lessons, God willing to explain everything related to Cooking
    The name fitnessinlif lover of fitness as started blogging in early 2016 at the time you create a blog like any newbie, but failed the success due to my negligence to the blog and also I copied the posts and contents from other sites without me knowing it will destroy my blog and did a lot of mistakes that may face any newbie blogger.

    At the end of the year 2017 realized the true meaning of codes and tricks that you should be aware of them and what do I need to become a blogger and started from scratch, created a new blogger because I see that blogging on Blogger platform may be better than some other platforms and you bethih new blog from all sides and you choose the template quite a bit and started to write posts and succeeded in this blog and I hope from Allah almighty to beat me in providing my visitors and interest topics like my articles which I am presenting to them.