The basics of a healthy diet

The basics of a healthy diet

The basics of a healthy diet
    The basics of a healthy diet

    There are multiple philosophies and descriptions of a healthy diet. It is clear that being overweight is the cause for most illnesses. However, even having the facts, many people are not aware of the true risk of being overweight and they are confused about how to properly manage their weight.

    There are so many diets and methods to lose weight with just as many harmful opinions to certain individuals willingly following a diet which is incompatible to their health condition. The basics of a proper diet should not be aimed at unconditionally removing weight fast and being focused only on loosing pounds.

    There are several preconditions for a healthy diet.
    First, stress management is a large factor for curbing weight gain.
    Second, following a balanced and healthy nutritional diet.
    Third, proper regular exercise for your age and physical condition..

    When we are stressed, we either eat a lot of food, or we do not eat at all. This causes the weight to either drop sharply or increase due to excessive intake of calories and bad food types such as: sugar, alcohol and processed foods.

    The sudden loss of weight leads to a return of the original state and is called homeostasis. In our brain, there are serotonin hormones, dopamine, and norepinephrine, which are made up of brain cells in the pituitary gland. These hormones are influenced by our emotions (dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin, which play a role in the behavioral condition), and dopamine, which causes desire for food, is a representative hormone of food need, It causes the secretion of ghreline hormone. (The hormone that gives the impression that you are hungry is Ghreline). To regulate what makes ghreline hormone feel hungry, stress management is essential.

    One of the most popular methods of diet is called the emperor's diet full of lots of meat, fat and rich foods. This is also called the Leptin diet. Leptin is a hormone that is produced by your body's fat cells and its' primary target is the brain in an area called the hypothalamus.

    The problem of the emperor's diet is that it will cause health problems due to a nutritional imbalance, and the weight is quickly regained to the previous condition by yoyo factor. Additionally, the diets with heavy in meats which contain Amino acids are toxic proteins.

    This toxicity can also cause cancer to develop. In particular, if you eat burn meat, the cancer-causing toxicity increases greatly. The toxicity of vegetables is a small part of it, but it is better to avoid excessive lectins. Reducing them completely can help if you have a disease of the intestines.
    It is because the cause problems in the tissues of the intestines causing irritation of the intestinal lining.

    This is the same reason why our skin gets rashes (allergies) when it slides on the vine of vegetables. By the way, the intestinal tissue is more sensitive than the skin tissue, and it can causes inflammation in the intestine. This is called leaky gut syndrome.

    An additional popular diet is not eating carbohydrates also called a ketone diet. This method of reducing the amount of carbohydrates to none or very little amount
    may lead to weight loss but this restrictive diet is not healthy either for the body if you don't safely reach the state of ketosis.

    The Ketones, depending on the amount of present may cause of damaging to the kidney and be harmful to your body. A diet with low or no carbohydrate will also deprive the food for the brain to think and function properly.

    Another diet called the Paradox Diet( also known as Dr. Gundry diet), is a reduction of carbohydrates as well including of vegetables and fruits. The key to this diet is to reduce Lectins and it is no exaggeration to say that a Paradox diet is almost a derivative of a ketone diet.

    Lectins are substances that are made from vegetable protein components that attack our bodies to protect themselves (Lectins are a type of carbohydrate-binding protein, which stick to cell membranes in the digestive tract. foods). This may lead to problems with the health of the intestines. Lectins are a kind of botanical toxicant that contains a lot of carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits. There are many kinds of lectins and researching foods that contain them and using balance in your diet to avoid an overload is advisable.

    Once again, you should know that Leptin and Lectins are both toxic. Of course, there are many other popular ways of diet methods such as the following: Atkins, the zone, ketogenic, vegetarian, vegan, weight watchers, south beach, raw food, paleo, dr. Gundry = paradox diet, Intermediate diet...

    As we have discussed, there are many ways to diet. However it is hard to define anything as being the perfect or right diet for every individual. The reason is that the method of dieting which is biased toward one side without balance and taking the individual condition into affect is harmful to the result. Adverse effects on the diet can hasten the progression of aging; men may experience a decline in sexual function, depression in women, menstrual irregularities, alopecia, and many other side effects can be produced with wrong diet.

    Proper methods on your diet should; the amount of food to be consumed in a meal should be the center of the nutrition supply of vegetables and fruits, but the proper amount of carbohydrates (the amount that can be put into one palm based on rice) is consumed. Another important tip is that you should not eat by combining of the carbohydrates and the amino acid at the same time. When carbohydrates and meat are consumed together, synergistic action can lead to excess fat intake. And what you need to know is that carbohydrates must be an indispensable nutrient in the brain.

    Our ancient ancestors had peeled fruits and eaten, but in modern times, they thought they had more nutrients in their shells, so they ate their shells. It is once again emphasized that the wisdom of our old ancestors was far ahead of the present science. Lectins(natural chemical on fruit or vegetable) can be illuminating by peeled or cooked.

    The habit of emptying the stomach with proper fasting is also a good diet method. Therefore, intermittent diet (two meals a day-11 after meals, before 7 o'clock meals) will be a healthy diet if properly grafted. Again,
    emphasize that systemic food intake and exercise-induced weight loss are best under a plan of at least 6 months rather than a short-term reduction.

    Finally, it is important to get regular exercise. Exercising too much is not better than insufficient exercise. Each person should choose the exercise appropriate for his / her body.

    In order to be successful in the right diet, we must first understand the key to the method of diet. Our body, when it gets caught in any disease, will automatically lose weight. Therefore, the wrong diet method will break down the nutritional balance of your body, expose you to some diseases.

    Most cases you will lose your weight and then it returns under the yo-yo condition.

    A wrong diet can have side effects just as the wrong type or kind of exercise is not good for your body.

    There is no easy solution for proper diet. Plan ahead and follow natural way.

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