Happy Walk at Home

Happy Walk at Home

Happy Walk at Home

so today is your strength one workout you're gonna be doing chest legs and back this workout you're gonna start with a dynamic warmup you're gonna move into your stretch series and then you're gonna do two different circuits each exercise in the circuit is going to be comprised of 30 seconds and the equipment that you're gonna need today is a pull-up bar a set of dumbbells or resistance bands and for today's workout we have clutch Bodyshop athlete professional firefighter and former NFL football player Michael gas person joining us and remember for today's workout and every single workout in the caleche live 24/7 fitness trainer you can follow along at home in real-time using your tablet smartphone TV or computer let's get started with the strength 1 workout and begin our dynamic warm-ups starting with jogging in place Michael is going to get us started each.
one of these exercises in this dynamic warm-up is going to be completed a total of 30 seconds and again every warmup, that you do as part of this trainer should be on a scale of 7 to 10 10 being the highest intensity that you can have, so you want to you really want to be pushing it during the warm-up we want to get the muscles ready to do work so just  about 10 seconds left how you feeling say Michael ready killer which you've made it 4 3 2 1 good moving on to the next exercise jumping jacks there we go so Michaels taking a nice wide stance don't half-ass jumping jacks I hate seeing people at a gym kind of going like this come all the way up bring your feet nice and wide just about halfway there it's important that you're really focusing during your workout getting your mind in the zone for the workout that is about to take place good four three two one good we're gonna get right into butt kicks warm the hamstrings up go, Michael, if you can just turn to the sideshow the people at home the angle so his knee is staying right underneath his hips and that leg is just coming right back to his butt and kicking it hence the name butt kicks well keeping the upper body nice and relaxed while you're warming up you don't want to be holding your breath you want to be breathing you want to be loosening up so just about 10 seconds left good five four three two one switch you right into a switch kick with arm circles so he's kicking those legs out getting those shoulders nice and warmed upkeep in mind that his arms are just parallel with his shoulders we're trying to get the shoulder socket nice and warm to get blood moving into all the muscles they are about to work today but five seconds left four three two one moving right into walking high knees let's get our hip flexors nice and warmed up Michael did a lot of these back in his football days go so again with all of these warm-up exercises you want to make sure that you're keeping your core nice and tight you don't want to just kind of be throwing your body around we're trying to tell the body hey guess what we're getting ready to work I mean everything nice and engage well at five four three two and one perfect alright so that concludes our dynamic warmup we're going to move right into our stretch series perfect the array Intuit our first exercise is a seated hamstring stretch so he is going to sit on his butt his feet are coming straight out in front of him it's good and he's just reaching out and see he dropped his head immediately when he did these with his nose highly conditioned athlete you should feel this at homecoming all the way down your back and right into your hamstrings if you can't get all the way out to your feet again that's okay you can always hold on to the back of your calf because by the end of this program you should be able to get out to your toes.
okay good so he's gonna come up he's gonna shake it out and he's gonna go right back into that stretch and again the reason that we do each one of these stretches twice is that your body's natural response to being stretched is designed to protect itself so if I was to step out of my car and twist my ankle that stretches my body's natural the inclination is gonna be to fight against that so when we go into the first stretch you're gonna find that you feel a little bit tighter on that first stretch by that second stretch your body goes oh hey I'm not injured I'm just stretching and so you're able to get deeper into that stretch which is exactly what we want it's good all right
come all the way up okay we're gonna move right into our next stretch which is a quad stretch so Michael is gonna stand up again you can also do this stretch on the ground if you're so inclined he's just gonna bring that foot right behind him if you can't balance on one leg that's okay you can use something nearby to hold on to sometimes as your body's getting warmed up your balance may feel a little bit off and that's completely fine so again Michaels keeping that knee right below his hip and its foot is straight back again through these stretches you want to make sure that you're breathing don't hold your breath don't hold tension in your face sometimes I see people stretching and they literally look like you should be relaxed during this time period good and relaxed I'm gonna shake that out he's gonna go right back into it one more time the more you breathe through these stretches the more you're gonna oxygenate the muscles that are about to work and that's exactly what we want
also when you pump oxygen into the muscles it's going to help the muscles to relax so you're going to get more out of these stretches just about halfway there on the second stretch four three two and one perfect let's move it over to the other side and again when you're going through this stretch series you really want to be
mentally getting yourself your head should be in the game you shouldn't be looking around if you're in a gym you shouldn't be looking around seeing what other people are doing if you're at home you shouldn't be text messaging this is
a time to really set your intention and to get your head in the game for what's about to happen which is you're gonna
give a hundred percent to this workout just like you are with every single workout in this trainer that's how you're gonna get the results good five more seconds left on this side feeling warm oh yeah good and relaxed she's gonna shake that out come right back up perfect just about halfway there on this second round of quad stretch this is gonna be really really important this stretch for today's workout because we're doing a lot of legs five four three two one good moving right into a sumo squat stretch he's gonna take a nice wide base and just drop your hands right down to the ground yep just let your butt drop all the way down Michael can get a little wider on the strips and I was able to during our bodyweight workout 10 seconds left this is again excellent for warming up and opening up the hips our hips get really tight because we spend so much time sitting down good and relax just come up shake it out we're gonna move right into the next round.

again he's keeping his back nice and straight he's not bent over everything he's in the perfect position for this stretch about halfway there after we finish with this stretch we're gonna move right into our upper body stretches ten seconds left and five four three two one all right on our feet right into our dynamic chest stretch he's just gonna shake out again he's not forcing it and ripping through his body we're just getting the body nice and warmed up perfect that's like perfect ten seconds left on this first round.

it's part of this stretch you may also fill this in your shoulders and that's great as well good and relax shake it out moving right into the next round again you know so so often at the gym I see guys working out and they'll just like pump chests all day and then they never stretch and that's what really creates that kind of shoulder rotation forward and overtime that's also what leads to injury so with any clutch workout we always have people warm up and stretch all areas of the body because that's what really is in it's injury prevention but believe it or not you'll also get better results because the muscles are able to have better mobility and range of motion throughout the movement take good relax and we're gonna move right into our across the chest shoulder stretch so heat Michael just gonna pull this arm straight across if you feel any sort of pinching in your chest when you do this exercise that is an indication
that you need to spend more time stretching your chest because as you're bringing that arm across your chest is actually contracting and if you feel that chest want to tighten up just spend a couple of extra minutes stretching your chest against the wall or however you you know against the machine however you need to do it to make sure you're keeping those muscles nice and lengthened at five seconds left on this right side good and relax take it out oh sorry about that I mean to be hitting you moving right into the next round good so again we want to make sure you
always want to make sure you're stretching your upper body appropriately sometimes people spend time stretching their lower body never thing you know stretch their upper body and it's so so so important by keeping those muscles nice and lengthened out you're actually gonna get better range of motion better mobility and over time that's gonna lead to greater strength gains but four three two one moving over to the other side especially for somebody like Michael who now has to spend his time fighting fires and carrying around tons of gear and carrying people out of buildings it's so important to have that flexibility through your upper body last thing you want to do is catch cramp in a moment it's most like that right so it's probably super important for you eight seconds left six five four three two one good time so we're gonna shake it out move right into the second round if you're short on time and you're going through these stretches it is okay to complete each one of these stretches one time but I always recommend too but if you are short on time the most important thing is at least you're stretching at least you're getting the body warmed up and primed for the workout appropriately at ten seconds left we're gonna move right into our tricep stretch four three two one good and moving right into our overhead tricep stretch so again Michaels pulling that that arm right next to his head his head is not doing this his head is in a neutral position and he's just pressing down on that top elbow top of his elbow rather it's just perfect so I can see this is also coming down into his lat and that's exactly what it should be doing for you at home you feeling it I see a little sweat coming down already it's about to go
down here today good three two one good
shake it out moving into the next round perfect and you guys during this time period you really want to just be thinking about your intention for what today's workout is gonna be I think so many times people get to the gym and they get there and then they've got no intensity well that's because you didn't spend time on the way to the gym committing to being intense once you get into the gym and being focused so take this time and use it to really get your head in the place it needs to be to give
100% for today's workout put four three two one good relax shake it out let's move on to the other side so we have just about ten seconds left five four three two and one you know so often I see people at the gym and they go you know how do you stay
motivated how do you get yourself in that zone well the truth is is that you have to get yourself in that zone on the way to the gym you can't just show up to work out and be like oh now I feel intensity you need to get yourself in that headspace before you get to your workout so this is your time to do that while you're stretching get yourself in that space to give a hundred percent five seconds left three two relax okay good let's move right into our iliopsoas stretch so Michaels gonna put his foot out and now he's leaning right into it up and over his body perfect so again if you don't feel this you just need to lean back a little bit more they should feel this right through your abdominal area right through here because that's where your hip flexor the iliopsoas kind of lives on each side except that goes right through the center of your body so this hip flexor is essential for pretty much all movement so we want to make sure we spend some time stretching it out about five seconds left four three two one go check it out we right into the round to the cutting again on each one of these exercises during the stretch series when you get to that second round you really want to try and go a little bit further than you did the tiny before so go cautiously into the first one find where you're comfortable but on the second one you want to push into it a little bit more.

eight seven six five four three two one good moving right over to the other side so preparing to stretch for this workout he is really important because we're working the whole body so from this workout you can really expect for going from upper body to lower body back to upper body the whole point of this methodology is to really confuse your body it doesn't know where to pump the blood so you can expect to be winded you can expect to be fatigued but again those are all good problems to have because over time your body is going to acclimate to it she's going to get stronger you're gonna burn fat and you're gonna be in the best shape of your life by the end of these four weeks or hopefully you continue on for 365.

and again these workouts their short right so often we're told we have to be in the gym for two hours a day doing body building workouts in order to build muscle that's not true if you follow the the building program with the nutrition plan pair it with these workouts you will build muscle as well and not have to be in the gym for two hours because a lot of people myself included I'm sure on time I don't have two hours so this is actually a perfect program it's something that I follow up something that all I have a lot of my clients follow as well go ahead and relax all right great let's get right into our low back stretch so Michaels gonna lay on his back he's just gonna cross one leg over the other yep and just twist down perfect yep and again he's keeping his upper body nice and relaxed again you don't want to have your arm kind of sneaking up see that a lot you really just want to stay in a completely neutral position and it while you're in this position you really want to be focusing on breathing air right into that low back believe it or not that will help open everything up a lot faster
good relax shake it out and move right into the round - with any of these workouts it's so important for us to stretch our back out because all of these movements go right through the center of our body whether it's a bodyweight squat or we're doing pull-ups we really want to keep the body nice and flexible good just about 15 seconds left in the second stretch we're getting so close you're getting into this workout good 5 4 3 2 1 okay let's twist over to the other side

good and I can see that this side for him is a little bit tighter which is fine a lot of times when you get into these stretches you will see that one side of the body is feeling a little bit tighter than the other and that's fine that's why we're going through the stretch so if you feel that one side had needs a little bit more attention don't be afraid to go through the stretch even three times good 5 seconds left 4 3 2 1 good relax now our body will do really funny things because we spend so much time sitting down now everyone has a side that they favor so if I'm sitting my side is my right side if I'm sitting in my car I'm always leaning on the right side of my body so sometimes when I get to the gym I'll find that the right side of my back is a lot tighter than the left and that's why going through these flexibility exercises is so important because we don't want to have those imbalances because that actually changes the way that our body fires while we're doing these exercises

good and relaxed perfect moving right into our glute stretch Michael's gonna sit up and just keep one leg straight across the other went over his body and pull that knee right into the chest listen we got to warm up the glutes we're doing a lot of lower body stuff last thing we want is a piriformis or a glute to get super super tight because you know what happens when they when you don't have the flexibility through that area of the body because your low back comes in and tries to take over and that is what will create a lot of problems for you so with when it comes to the glutes and when it comes to this flexibility portion of these workouts you really want to make sure that you are staying focused when you're going through these
exercises good relax we'll go one more time on that side you know sometimes I see people at the gym and they're doing stretching but they're not really doing anything you should be slightly uncomfortable while you're going through these stretches you should feel tension in the muscle that's a good thing because it's that tension that's gonna then gonna get that muscle to relax and lengthen out good ten seconds left

good five four three two and one good let's switch over to the other side for people who have body fat that they can't seem to get rid of you know a lot of that in my opinion is due to cortisol because we're so stressed all the time our court record assault dumping and our body literally is dumping the hormone that is responsible for body fat so stretching is a great way to relax and the more we can do things that help us to relax and let allow our mind to be in a peaceful place the more our body is gonna have the balance hormonal e to burn fat quick go ahead and reenact hey so go ahead and shake it out you're  moving right into the last round we are almost about to start our workout are you ready ready get it done we're gonna get it on today and you're gonna get it on at home I know Michaels gonna kill it what we're here to put in work and that's really the headspace that you need to be and you are here to put in the work because you want a change with your body the way you get that changes by going 100% for the next 25 to 35 minutes through each one of these exercises three two and one great alright so that concludes our stretch series we're gonna get right into our first circuit so let's get started with our first circuit starting with a push-up Michael's gonna get into position and go each one of these exercises you're doing for a total of thirty seconds Michael soon the advanced version which is a plyometric push-up for all of you advanced athletes out there you can go ahead and do the same thing if you need to do push-ups from your knees that's fine too just whatever is a hundred percent for you good we're halfway there you can also do a variation of both like Michael's gonna do good we have 5 4 3 2 1 good room right into our pull-ups mom's gonna go right over to the pull-up bar not taking a lot of rest between these exercises perfect getting us chin all the way over the bar perfect and again if you're doing pull-ups at home you can do pull-ups that are just bodyweight or you can also
use a resistance band using a resistance band will hopefully help build you up to doing just bodyweight good perfect and 5 4 3 2 1 good right over to squat jumps right over to his mat and let's go good so he's coming down just to 90 degrees
and exploding up off the ground and again with these exercises along with any exercise in this workout if you need to take a brief pause during the 30 seconds take a deep breath that's fine the thing that's most important is that you're pushing a hundred percent whatever that means for you so we are halfway there Michaels legs I'm sure are already burning six five four three two one good right down into our push-ups here we go thirty seconds remember guys as many reps as possible in these 30 seconds don't pace yourself out if you need to go and then rest go ten reps that's fine good fifteen more seconds we're halfway there the triceps should be burning you should be feeling this in your chest you should be feeling this in your core perfect good and five four three two one perfect or right back up on our feet over to our pull-ups right away he's taking no rest he's in beast mode right now let's go good for I think he's going to get at least 15 out of these 30 seconds good good job Michael come on good there we go ten nine eight seven six five four three two and one perfect okay so you guys it's okay to struggle at the end of each one of these exercises the most important thing is you're pushing a hundred percent for you all right let's get right into our squat jumps halfway there and last ten seconds nine eight seven six five four three two and one perfect Rick all right so Michael the highly conditioned athlete so he's gonna take 15 seconds to get some water but for everybody at home if you need more than 15 seconds go ahead and just pause this video now so Michael is gonna get into position we're going to start with a decline pushup so you can do this exercise off of anything that has a ledge a secure ledge at home you can use your bathtub a chair whatever you can find all right again each one of these exercises in this circuit you're going to do for a total of thirty seconds let's go 30 seconds starts now good so guys by this point in time in your workout you're gonna be tired stay focused stay in the zone and just do the best job that you can good halfway there
perfect about 10 seconds left good ten nine eight seven six five four three two and one okay perfect I'll move right onto our dumbbell row Michael's gonna go get his set of dumbbells you guys get yours you can also do this exercise using the resistance Pamuk all right so again 30 seconds he's gonna get into position ready here we go perfect so again he's in a great position he's got his back totally straight his glutes tight he's got a nice bend in his knee and that's exactly what you should be doing at home make sure that you are clenching the glutes because otherwise the low back is gonna take a lot of heat in this exercise perfect we got ten seconds left how you feeling she's gonna think he's killing it good show you five seconds left five
four three two one time let's move on to our next exercise our Bulgarian split squats so Michaels gonna go right back over to this bench one leg is gonna skip go up on the bench the other one is gonna be at 90 degrees so we do 15 seconds on each leg here we go good he's coming all the way down to 90 I don't want you to pass that 90 degrees so if you do have a mirror then you can use while you do this exercise go ahead and use it if not just eyeball it that knee should not be coming out over the toe good switch 15 seconds switching legs there we go perfect and again his upper body is staying nice and straight all of his weight he's placing in the heel and pushing straight up from the heel good in three two one perfect all right so let's move on to our next round back into our decline pushup Michael's ready hope you guys are ready at home here we go again guys you want to get as many reps as you possibly can in these 30 seconds if you need to take a pause for a couple seconds and then keep going that is fine good so Michael staying nice and straight he's not letting his his torso drop down to the ground good he's taking a slight pause here we go we're over halfway there ten seconds left 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 perfect getting right into our dumbbell row get some breath and back into the body and let's get into position here we go 30 seconds again perfect perfect perfect form he's not jerking when you're doing this exercise you shouldn't be using your momentum to bring the weight up if you're doing that you're training out of ego drop the weight down to weight that you can do without swinging your body around that's how you sculpt beautiful muscles there we go 20 got 10 seconds left I know you guys are fatigued keep pushing through this you are so close to being done with this workout the worst of it is nearly over done time moving right into our split squat again good take a deep breath of air get into position get your balance here we go 15 seconds on this leg perfect
Michael isn't perfect this is exactly where your knees should be it's not coming out over the toe and all of his weight is right in that heel good ten-to-one switch perfect right onto the other side you feel that your booty yeah there we go good 5 seconds left 5 4 3 2 1 killed it

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