Everything You Need to Know About Bananas

Everything You Need to Know About Bananas

Everything You Need to Know About Bananas

Bananas are top-logged food among MyFitnessPal users and a staple in several athletes’ diets. Tasty, healthy and transportable, bananas are often seen as nature’s energy bar.

They’re made in fiber, necessary vitamins, and minerals and naturally freed from cholesterin and Na. they're a wonderful pre-workout snack as a result of they contain healthy carbs and K, which helps stop muscle cramps.

Bananas generally get a nasty rap for being high in sugar. However, the fiber in bananas helps slow the discharge of sugar into the blood, keeping you full longer, not like a processed honied treat.

Here, a glance at the nutrition highlights, health advantages, completely different varieties and more:

Everything You Need to Know About Bananas

There are over five hundred forms of bananas, however solely a couple of ar sold at common markets. a number of the foremost in style sorts include:


You’re in all probability most acquainted with the chemist, the classic yellow fruit you see in grocery stores. These are the foremost internationally listed banana since the Nineteen Fifties.


These bananas are smaller and sweeter than a chemist, however, are often employed in a similar way in which. they're a good possibility for a children’s (or tiny adult) snack attributable to their tiny portion size.


Apple bananas are fully grown within the forests of Hawaii and ar unbelievably sweet. they're tiny, plump and have a small pinkish-green color once freshly picked. they are doing not brown as quickly as alternative forms of bananas.


These contain carotenoids like carotenoid and beta carotene (pigments that provide the peel a blood-red color), that supports eye health. Red bananas have the next antioxidant content than yellow bananas and ar slightly sweeter, smaller and denser. Their mild, sweet style is typically delineated as having a touch of raspberry flavor.

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