Janitors Bury Dog Alive After School Principal Tells Them To “Get Rid” Of Her

    Janitors Bury Dog Alive After School Principal Tells Them To “Get Rid” Of Her

    Dogs bark naturally and it’s not a secret. They bark to aware people, communicate with other dogs, from hunger, pain, and many other reasons. However, in the case of Lily, a stray dog, barking was not taken as something natural, even though she was hungry, and partially paralyzed stray dog.

    Lily used to hang around a school in Cape Town, where she was probably given some attention and some food by the children. However, her presence and continuous barking were not tolerated by the principal of that school. Instead of reporting about her to a rescue group or a shelter, he ordered two janitors to “get rid” of her by any way possible.

    The janitors did something no one could imagine—they buried poor Lily alive in a five-foot hole.

    Thankfully, Lily was able to cry under all the dirt, and the school’s kitchen staff heard her. Without wasting any minute, the Kitchen staff called the Mdzananda Animal Clinic for help. They instantly came to the scene and brought out Lily, who thankfully wasn’t suffocating.

    The International Fund Animal Welfare (IFAW), an organization that also funds Mdzananda Animal Clinic, also got involved in the case of Lily and worked to make sure Lily had everything she needed, including justice.
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    When the rescuers took Lily to the clinic, they found out that Lily had been partially paralyzed, which happened due to a spinal injury she got when she was just a puppy. Although she was in safe hands now, Lily had a long road of recovery to travel. She required hydrotherapy to gain more muscle and coordination. In addition, she also got acupuncture and physical therapy.

    Lily also had a lot of weight to gain. The IFAW and the clinic then posted a story about Lily on their Facebook page and asked everyone to send Lily hopeful message on swatches of fabric.

    Then, they did something amazing—they sewed together all the messages she received and made her a very inspirational quilt that helped to keep her warm and comfortable.

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    Finally, a wonderful freelance journalist, Helen Walne adopted Lily. She also serves on the board of the Mdzananda Animal Clinic.

    On the other hand, the two janitors who buried Lily were charged with animal cruelty. The principal was harder to prosecute and was given the option to introduce a program to teach children against animal cruelty instead of going to jail. But he refused, and hence, he was jailed and charged.

    Thankfully, Lily is finally happy in a life she deserves to live and the people who wronged her are serving their punishments!
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