Dog Abandoned At Rest Stop Was Afraid Of Men — It Took One Special Woman To Change His Life

Dog Abandoned At Rest Stop Was Afraid Of Men — It Took One Special Woman To Change His Life

    Dog Abandoned At Rest Stop Was Afraid Of Men — It Took One Special Woman To Change His Life

    Gershwin is a dog that was cruelly abandoned at a rest stop in the middle of nowhere in California. If this wasn’t horrible enough, the temperatures outside were soaring near 100 degrees.

    The poor dog would try everything he could to get water and food from people coming and going from the rest stop. It would be two long months before anyone would notice him and decide to take some action.

    The man who noticed Gershwin immediately got into contact with Hope for Paws, he waited for over two hours with the dog until they arrived. When they showed up to the rest stop, Gershwin was hiding under some bushes, reveling in the shade.

    The rescuers tried to block the pathway to the bushes on both sides in order to prevent him from running away. The poor dog, however, was so scared that instead of running down the pathways, he went through the bushes and out into the parking lot.

    After a few more attempts, they wondered if Gershwin was scared because the rescuers trying to capture him were both males. They decided to try another tactic.

    It was becoming more and more obvious that Gershwin was very standoffish when it came to the men trying to rescue him at the rest stop. So, they called in one of their female rescuers to try and help.

    Loreta Frankonyte decided to try and approach the scared dog on her own. She grabbed some food, always a good idea, and approached Gershwin very slowly. It wasn’t long before he started to slowly approach her.

    It was clear that Gershwin was very tired and very hungry, the smell and promise of food were very enticing. At one point, he got spooked and ran away, so Loreta had to try and sneak up on him.

    Finally, Loreta was able to get a leash around Gershwin’s neck. At first, this sent the poor dog into a panic and tried to break free, dragging Loreta with him. After all, he was a 110-pound dog. Soon, someone rushed in to help Loreta reign him in and calm him down.

    After being wrangled in by the rescuers, with the help of Loreta, Gershwin was starting to calm down and relax. He even let the rescuers pet him a little bit. When they led him over to the car, the big dog just hopped right in!

    Gershwin couldn’t have been happier to leave that rest stop and go somewhere safe. When he got to the vet, he turned into a total lovebug and gave everyone snuggles. He’s now living in a foster home and should be adopted soon.

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